8 Dec 2014

Useful Wargaming Software Links

Useful Wargaming Software Links

This is the software programs I use for my wargaming.

An Army Construction Utility For Dropzone Commander
Fighting Forces of the Reconquest, 2670, a free army construction utility for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  This tool is designed to assist players of Dropzone Commander in designing, storing, and sharing their force organizations.

MappingBoard is an application for drawing wargame maps. I am not a very patient person so the idea is to have a simple, easy to use application where you can, as much as possible, just plonk terrain items down on the map and not have to change a dozen properties such as colour and width every time.

MatchBox Wargame Campaign Manager
Perhaps the most successful and best known system of map-moving in a manner that can be successfully carried out by two players lacking the services of an umpire is the Matchbox method.

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