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Grey Steel, Red Storm - Regimental Scenarios in the Soviet Union 1941-1943

Grey Steel, Red Storm is a book of scenarios for wargamers set in the Soviet Union between June 1941 and June 1943 during World War Two. They are adaptable to a number of sets of rules currently available in which a stand represents a platoon such as ‘ Blitzkrieg Commander ’, ‘Command Decision: TOB’, ‘A Fistful of Tows’, ‘ Rapid Fire ’ and others, including those which wargamers may have written themselves. Each player will field around a regiment or brigade of troops in each scenario. Part One presents a brief overview of the war and some background information to the scenarios. This includes a terrain key, notes on ground scale, timescale, base sizes and some suggestions for additional optional rules. Part Two presents fifteen scenarios with an historical background and German and Soviet briefings covering  the mission; the table layout; Orders of Battle; victory conditions; design notes and historical notes. Eleven of the scenarios have appeared in earlier, truncated for