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Painting World War II Russians

Here is my guide for Painting World War II Russians uniforms and vehicles using Vallejo acrylic colors and  Humbrol  enamels. I have also done a painting guide for World War II (WWII) Germans and British .  Russian Infantry Vallejo Colours Vallejo 894 Russian Green Green (helmet) Vallejo 873 US Field Drab (jacket) Vallejo 873 US Field Drab (trousers) Vallejo 950 Black (boots) Vallejo 927 Dark Flesh (hands faces) Vallejo 821 German Cam. Beige WWII (ammunition pouches) Vallejo 846 Mahogany Brown (leather) Vallejo 984 Flat Brown (weapon stocks) Vallejo 863 Gunmetal Grey (weapons) Humbrol Colours Humbrol No. 116 US Dark Green (helmet) Humbrol No. 118 US Tan (jacket) Humbrol No. 84 Mid Stone (trousers) Humbrol No. 33 Black (boots) Humbrol No. 61 Flesh (hands faces) Humbrol No. 186 Brown (leather, weapon stocks) Humbrol No. 72 Khaki Drill (ammunition pouches) Humbrol No. 53 Gunmetal (weapons) Vallejo Colours Vallejo 894 Rus