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Pendraken, Painting Competition 2016

It's that time of year again! The 2016 Pendraken Painting Competition opens on 1st February and runs all the way through February. The 2015 competition had 229 entries (winners can be seen here ; all were consistently high standard, so we're really looking forward to seeing what this year holds! As mentioned, the competition will run throughout February, meaning that the leap year will give everyone an extra day to get your entries in. The closing deadline will be midnight on the 29th February. The big news for this year is our new category: Warband Base This category does exactly what it says on the tin, so any single Warband base, whether it's a cool command stand, or a unit of warriors crammed in like sardines! The only other change from last year is that we've dropped the 'single base' requirement for the other categories, allowing multiple bases to be lined up and entered, as long as they still fall within the figure quantity rules. As folk

Wargaming Projects, 2015

Wargaming Projects during 2015 Wargaming Projects Below is a list of projects at various stages of completion. 10mm Caesars Gallic War Project Gallic & Celtic Army  99% complete Caesarian Roman Army 0% complete Imperial Roman Army  99% complete Painting Gallic & Celtic Warbands  99% complete Painting Germanic Warbands  0% complete Painting Romans  0% complete Hail Caesar Rules Gallic War Battle Reports & Scenarios  80% complete My Caesars Gallic War Book Library Useful Caesars Gallic War Links English Civil War (ECW) Project 10mm French Indian War (FIW) Project French Indian War (FIW) British Army 0% complete French Indian War (FIW) French Army 0% complete Painting French Indian War (FIW) British  0% complete Painting French Indian War (FIW) French  0% complete Black Powder Rules French Indian War (FIW) Battle Reports & Scenarios  1% complete My French Indian War (FIW) Book Library Useful French Indian War (FIW) Links 1