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Vapnartak, York, Wargames Show 2017

Some very good friends from the  Grimsby Wargames Society (Malc,  Andy and  Ian  attended Vapnartak Wargames Show at York racecourse. For us it's the first show of the year  and definitely something to look forward to and I can genuinely say that this show did not disappoint, plenty of Traders and it was extremely well supported by people attending. My Swag I got some World War II German infantry samples from Magister Militum and some Russian World War II naval infantry pendraken miniatures. And a few other bits and bobs which you can see in the pictures on the whole it was a relatively cheap outing,  As I'm trying not to buy too much this year and concentrate on all the unfinished lead piles I have. Goodies from Pendraken Miniatures Goodies from Warbases Goodies from  Magister Militum Tabletop Sale I really do enjoy rummaging around the tabletop sale, Although I only bought one thing  for fifty pence Games  There were some extremely goo

N Gauge Telegraph Poles from eBay

N Gauge Telegraph Poles. 2 packs of 18 unopened & 15 x 6 loose.