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Painting Germanic Warbands

Here is my guide for Painting Germanic Warbands, during Caesar's Gallic War uniforms using  Vallejo  acrylic colors. I have also done a painting guide for Caesarian Roman Legions and Gallic & Celtic Warbands . Germanic Warband Vallejo Colours Vallejo 998 Bronze, Helmet Vallejo 997 Silver, Helmet Vallejo 997 Silver, Chainmail, Sword and Spear Vallejo 871 Leather Brown, Leather Belt Vallejo 821 German Cam. Beige WWII, Javelin Shaft Vallejo 846 Mahogany Brown, Spear Shaft Vallejo 927 Dark Flesh, Skin Painting irregular armies such as the Gallic & Celtic Warband, an assortment of clothing colours looks best. To do this job quickly I sort out the figures into groups prior to painting. And then paint the groups in order see below. Group 1 gets green tops Group 2 gets red tops Group 3 gets blue tops Group 4 gets brown tops Group 5 gets grey tops Next, choose another 5 colours and do exactly the for trousers Germanic Cavalr