10 Mar 2022

Pendraken Painting Competition 2022

Pendraken Painting Competition 2022

It's time for the Pendraken Painting Competition 2022! With Covid still ongoing let's have something positive to focus on for a few weeks, so grab your brushes, dig out anything you've painted over the past 12 months and get those entries in.  The 2022 Painting Competition will open to entries on February 1st and will be running all the way through until the end of the month.  As always, this is a great opportunity to show what can be done in 10mm scale so we can't wait to see the entries.

Closing date for the competition will be midnight on Monday 28th February and we'll then open up the voting threads for everyone to decide our winners.

The Winners of the 2022 Pendraken Painting Competition are:

Thank you to everyone who has entered the 2022 Pendraken Painting Competition!  It's been another great year with some outstanding work on show so we hope you've all enjoyed watching the entries come in.

As usual the voting was done by our friendly Forum members who each had 5 votes to cast per category, so without further ado...

Foot - Pre-20th C. (33 entries)

This category had the highest number of entries again and was a very close run thing between three entries, with us finishing on a tie for first place!

1st place: streetgang's Rebel scythe battalion - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!


1st place: Forez42's French zouaves - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!

2nd place: Sotaisho's Greek spearmen - wins £25 Pendraken voucher!

Foot - 20th C. (12 entries)

This category had the lowest number of entries but there was some great painting on show.  There were actually 6 entries fighting it out all week long but in the end there can only be one winner!

1st place: Streetgang's Falklands British - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!

2nd place: Forez42's WWI French - wins £25 Pendraken voucher!

Mounted (20 entries)

This category started off very competitive with four entries swapping the lead several times over the first few days of voting, but by the end of the week two entries had pulled away from the pack...

1st place: Streetgang's LoA rebel horse - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!

2nd place: Kodosg42's Medieval Rus cavalry - wins £25 Pendraken voucher!

Vehicle (18 entries)

This one was a 3-way tie right up to this final afternoon of voting so was incredibly close!

1st place: Shrimproll9's SYW artillery - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!

2nd place: Mollinary's Marshal coach - wins £25 Pendraken voucher!

Fantasy & Sci-Fi (14 entries)

The Fantasy/Sci-Fi category is always one of our favourites and this was probably the most competitive of all the categories with at least eight entries in the mix for a long time. 

1st place: The Baron's Anubis warriors - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!

2nd place: Maraviglia's Colonial Marines - wins £25 Pendraken voucher!

Open - Single Base (25 entries)

There were some really original entries here this year and one in particular seemed to catch everyone's eye to take 1st place...

1st place: SoSoPig's Tiger - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!

2nd place: Mollinary's Max Emanuel - wins £25 Pendraken voucher!

Open - Army! (20 entries)

There were some great entries here this year and at least half a dozen that could easily have taken the winner's crown.  One entry in particular was popular from the get-go though, leaving the others to fight it out for second place.

1st place: Titivillus' AWI American army - wins £50 Pendraken voucher!

2nd place: Paulr's 100YW Scots army - wins £25 Pendraken voucher!

Congratulations to all of our winners!  We'll be announcing the winners on social media on Wednesday and you'll receive an email in the next few days with your prize voucher.  We'll also get your Winner's medals added to your profiles, which is of course the most important thing!

And to everyone that entered this year, thank you for taking the time to get your brushes out and take part.  The standard of the entries and the amount of time and effort that goes into achieving them has been so high and we really appreciate it.  The world is still recovering from Covid and I think we all needed a bit of positivity right now.  We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have and we'll be back again next year!

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