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Making Gallic/Celtic Hillforts

I needed a Gallic/Celtic hillfort for my Caesar's Gallic War Project, fortunately for me the wife fancied making a Celtic hillfort. I hope you really enjoy this tutorial on how my better half completed this task. Gallic/Celtic Hillforts Making Gallic/Celtic Hillforts 1. The first stage would have been to make the actual hill however we had already made this particular hill and it was perfectly suitable to make the hillfort. 2. The next thing was to stain all of the cocktail sticks which were to be used as palisade fencing. We used an old plastic Chinese container filled it with a tiny tiny bit of wood stain then place the cocktail sticks inside and put the lid on and shook it vigorously until all of the cocktail sticks were stained. 3. The next stage was rather messy having to remove all the cocktail sticks from the Chinese container and sticking them into some foam board to allow them to dry. 4. The next stage is to take