6 Feb 2023

Vapnartak, York, Wargames Show 2023

York wargames show is an annual pilgrimage for us from the Grimsby Wargames Society its the first show of the year so it kinda gets the wargaming juices flowing for the year. We was also putting on the demo game The Siege of Vicksburg see pictures below.

From Vapnartak Facebook page

Nearly 2,000 customers through the door (our biggest ever - which did lead to some struggle getting them all in early on!)


My Swag

I placed a small order with loen for some FIW 

Tabletop Sale

I really do enjoy rummaging around the tabletop sale, Although I only bought a couple of items.


Extraordinary Kreigspeilers
Beasts, Gods and Men

The Bunker
Predator, Elite soldiers in the south American jungle up against the ultimate hunter.

John Binstead
History Alive, Painting workshop using products from Warlord Games

Brompton Bankers
Ambush at Mooste Bridge, Lake Peipus, 1242, prior to the Battle of the Ice, The Russians had been plundering the countryside but were ambushed by local Crusader and Estonian defence forces at Mooste Bridge.

Grimsby Wargames Society
The Siege of Vicksburg, 15mm ACW, The Siege of Vicksburg, Demo game

Harrogate Wargames Club
  • What A Cowboy, Wild West participation skirmish game using a rule-set soon to be released by The Two Fat Lardies.
  • Battletech – Alpha Strike. Battletech game using the ‘Alpha Strike’ mass combat rule set published by Catalyst Games.

Lance and Longbow Society
Raising the Siege of Buda 1541, An Hungarian army besieging Buda, attempting to seize it on behalf of Ferdinand Habsburg and an Ottoman army under Sultan Suleiman I (the Magnificent)  striving to raise the siege, using a version of the Lion Rampant rules.

ELMS Wargames Club
Terror Bird Hunting. Participation game based on Chris Peers’ Tooth and Claw rules

Wings of Glory
The Glorious 16th, A trio of games:

  • Game 1:  WW1 Dogfight: Camels vs Triplanes
  • Game 2: WW2 Dogfight: The Few vs The Many
  • Game 3:  Vipers vs Cylons

Charles Rowntree
The Gloucester’s Last Stand on the Imjin River, A Korean wargame in 6mm using the All Hell Let Loose wargames rules (participation game)

Sally Forth
Jorvik Assault, Our giant Jorvik board with opportunities to try 2 exciting skirmish games. Try out Pulp Alley or Feudal Patrol and take your place defending the walls or raiding the city on our stunning dark age town.


  • Quartermaster General – WW2 Boardgame, WWII boardgame of global logistical strategy.
  • Space Hulk, …but on a giant scale.
  • Warhammer, A 6-8 person warhammer fantasy game.


  • ABC Brushes
  • Baccus 6mm Ltd
  • Bad Squiddo Games
  • Black Scorpion Miniatures
  • Bow and Blade
  • Caliver Books
  • Colonel Bills
  • Crooked Dice Design Studio
  • Dave Thomas
  • David Lanchester Books
  • Eagle Figures
  • Early War Miniatures
  • Empress Miniatures
  • Galloping Major Ltd
  • Grahams Wuerkshoppe
  • Great Escape Games
  • Gripping Beast
  • Grubby Tanks
  • Helion Publishing
  • Instant Armies
  • Iron Gate
  • Irregular Miniatures
  • Kallistra
  • Kore
  • Magnetic Displays & Coritani
  • MEP Miniatures
  • Mighty Lancer
  • Oathsworn Miniatures
  • Old Glory UK
  • Parable Games
  • Pendraken and Minibits
  • Phoenix Games Studio
  • Tangent Miniatures
  • Templar Wargames
  • The Last Valley
  • The Pit
  • The Tree Fellas
  • Travelling Man
  • Tumbling Dice
  • Urban Construct
  • Valiant Miniatures/Rapid Fire!
  • Void Scar Miniatures
  • Warbases
  • Wargames Etc
  • Wargames Foundry
  • Warlord Games
  • Warp Miniatures
  • Westwind

Vapnartak, York, Wargames Show 2023

York wargames show is an annual pilgrimage for us from the Grimsby Wargames Society its the first show of the year so it kinda gets the warg...