4 Feb 2019

Vapnartak, York, Wargames Show 2019

Vapnartak 2019

Our first show of the year was, as usual, Vapnartak last Sunday.  For a change the weather was rather good for our trip from Grimsby went without a hitch.

The Attendance was good with lots of shoppers working through their lists.


Warlord Games
Travelling Man
Warbanner and Footsore Miniatures
Templar Wargames
Magister Militum Ltd.
Dave Thomas
Pendraken and Minibits

Pendraken and Minibits picture 1

Pendraken and Minibits picture 2

Wargames Foundry
Old Glory UK


Ancient & Modern Army Supplies / Donnington Miniatures
Baccus 6mm Ltd
Caliver Books
David Lanchester Books
Early War Miniatures
Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games picture 1

Great Escape Games picture 2

Irregular Miniatures


Lesley's Bits Box
The Dice Shop Online
Crooked Dice Design Studio
Dixon Miniatures
Empress Miniatures
Games of War
Grubby Tanks/Britannia Miniatures
Instant Armies
Magnetic Displays & Coritani
Mick Yarrow Miniatures
Mighty Lancer Games
Milicast Model Co.
Museum Miniatures / QT Models
Northumbrian Painting Services / Reiver Castings
Peter Pig
S & A Scenics
Sally 4th
Spectre Miniatures
Urban Construct
Valiant Miniatures/Rapid Fire!
Warploque Miniatures
Bad Squiddo Games
Midlam Miniatures
Tumbling Dice
Wargames Etc Crucible of lead
Wargames Illustrated
1st Corps
Ainsty Castings
The Last Valley


So it was late 1918 and a few weeks before the armistice was supposed to be signed the Martian invaded, their terrifying tripod machines bringing havoc to a world already devastated by 4 years of war. The warring powers united against the common enemy and threw themselves into the fight to defend their world from the unspeakable horrors from beyond our earth. As usual the reporters and photographers of The Sniper's Times were there to capture the events.

Tabletop Sale

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