1 Jan 2022

Wargaming Expenditure 2022

Wargaming Expenditure 2020

Wargaming Expenditure for 2022. This is an attempt for me to actually record how much I spend in a year on wargaming, so if I can keep up adding stuff to it, it will be interesting to add it all up in December.

Figures & Scenery Bought

10mm FIW figures which I bought from eBay (hindsfigsltd) £283.50
10mm AWI figures which I bought from eBay (hindsfigsltd) £
Bases which I bought from Pendraken Miniatures £
Undercoat and a wet palette from the Army Painter

Books Bought

Rules Bought

A Dark & Bloody Ground, Warlord Games FIW Supplement which I bought from eBay £10



Games Played, 2022

Games Played, 2020

Games played during the course of 2022 at either the Grimsby Wargames Society or my Operations Room, (Purpose built shed at the bottom of the garden) using the various rules I use. To be honest to pretty disastrous year for games.

Black Powder Rules 0
Blitzkrieg Commander Rules 0
Hail Caesar Rules 0
Rapid Fire Rules 0
Kriegspiel is what i use for running campaigns. 

Wargaming Projects, 2021

Wargaming Projects, 2019

Wargaming Projects during 2021, to be honest not much wargaming done this year as I started a new website for East Front Miniatures and we acquired Platoon 20 range of miniatures from Tony at East Riding Miniatures as he’s retiring.

Wargaming Projects

The five projects below are my main interests at various stages of completion. further down are a list of distractions which keep me from completing my main interests.

Completed Scenery & Terrain

    Figures & Scenery Bought 

    Rules Bought

    Games Played

    Vapnartak, York, Wargames Show 2023

    York wargames show is an annual pilgrimage for us from the Grimsby Wargames Society its the first show of the year so it kinda gets the warg...