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Imperial Roman Army

I was extremely lucky to be able to buy this painted and based 10mm Imperial Roman army  from a very good friend and fellow member of the Grimsby Wargames Society. Read his Battle report of their first outing   Hail Caeser in 10mm . The army is made up of Trajanic legionaries from Magister Militum and boosted them with some Old Glory auxiliaries.  The end result is a full legion of ten cohorts, with six supporting auxiliary cohorts and four mounted auxiliary units plus sundry light troops.  

American War of Independence (AWI) British Army

This is my 10mm American War of Independence (AWI) British Army, all of the figures are from the following Pendraken Miniature's . I intend using Black Powder rules .

Painting American War of Independence British

Here is my guide for painting Painting American War of Independence British uniforms using Vallejo acrylic colors.  1st Foot Guards Coldstream Guards 3rd Foot Guards 3rd Regiment of Foot 4th Regiment of Foot 5th Regiment of Foot Vallejo Colours Vallejo 957 Flat Red, Coat Vallejo 918 Ivory, Breeches, Waistcoat Vallejo 950 Black, Tricorne, Cartridge Box, Bayonet Scabbard, Scabbard, Shoes Vallejo 918 Ivory, Gaiters, Lace , Turnbacks Vallejo 984 Flat Brown, Musket, Vallejo 827 Lime Green, Cuffs, Facings 6th Regiment of Foot 7th Regiment of Foot 8th Regiment of Foot 9th Regiment of Foot 10th Regiment of Foot 14th Regiment of Foot 15th Regiment of Foot 16th Regiment of Foot 17th Regiment of Foot 18th Regiment of Foot 19th Regiment of Foot 20th Regiment of Foot 21st Regiment of Foot 22nd Regiment of Foot 23rd Regiment of Foot 24th Regiment of Foot 26th Regiment of Foot 27th Regiment of Foot 28th Regiment of Foot 29th Regiment of F

Painting The Nova Federation

Here is my guide for painting The Nova Federation using Vallejo acrylic colours. I have also done a painting guide for Earth Alliance.   Infantry   Vallejo Colours Vallejo 951 White, Helmet Vallejo 997 Silver, Visor Helmet Vallejo 817 Scarlet, Helmet, Power Amour Vallejo 801 Brass, Pipe back of Helmet Vallejo 951 White, Power Amour, Dry brushed Vehicles Vallejo Colours Vallejo 951 White, Body Dry brushed Vallejo 950 Black, Wheels Vallejo 817 Scarlet, Guns Vallejo 801 Brass, Sources My Terra Nova Book Library