8 Sep 2019

10mm WW2 / german - 12 trucks from eBay

I bought 12 Opel blitz from hindsfigsltd.

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33792)

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33792) picture 1

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33792) picture 2

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33794)

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33794) picture 1

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33794) picture 2

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33793)

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33793) picture 1

10mm WW2 / german - 4 trucks - vehicles (33793) picture 2


16 Jul 2019

Action At Ustilug

Action At Ustilug

The Action At Ustilug is a pint sized campaign for Chain of Command. It contains a half ladder campaign with a variable support system that adds an extra level of friction to your support choices. The campaign covers the opening day of Operation Barbarossa. The German 289th Infantry Division crossed the Ukrainian border at the bridges near Ustilug and encountered the Soviet 87th Rifle Division and elements of the 41st Tank Division. The scenarios cover rural as well as urban engagements. The Soviet defenders acquitted themselves well and delayed the German advance through the town at every opportunity.

The booklet weighs in at 22 pages with full maps for each scenario. This does not have the same production quality as the Pint Sized Campaigns published through TooFatLardies as it has no graphics other than game maps.

This is the first early war Eastern Front Supplement designed for Chain of Command to be released.

Wargame Vault

4 Mar 2019

Battleground, 30th November 2019

The Grimsby Wargames Society are going to attend and put on a demo game at Battleground, 30th November 2019.

The game will be based on aspects of, The Battle of the Dnieper which was a military campaign that took place in 1943 on the Eastern Front of World War II. It was one of the largest operations in World War II, involving almost 4,000,000 troops at a time stretched on a 870 mile front.

The terrain makers are as follows

Malcolm Taylor
Me Andrew Bruce
Tony Waumsley
Chris Newman
Ade Burton

Battleground, 30th November 2019 Pictures

9 Sep 2019

Work on the cinema this has entirely been scratch built by Malcolm Taylor

10 Jul 2019

More progress can be seen on the boards

6 Jun 2019

Basic overview of the boards

10 Apr 2019

The gang apart from me

The gang apart from me

24 Mar 2019

Trees made by Ade Burton using pipe cleaners

Close-up shot of the blown up Bridge this was made by Tony Waumsley

Some close-up shots of the railway bridge this was made by Ade Burton

railway bridge

5 Mar 2019

Updated supply trains.

Updated supply trains.

4 Mar 2018

One of the river boards now sculpted

One of the river boards now sculpted

27 Feb 2019

Insulation foam stuck down onto the boards

Insulation foam picture 1

Insulation foam picture 2

The baseboards all painted and framed

baseboards picture 1

baseboards picture 2

Supply train

Supply train

Railway bridge under construction.

Railway bridge under construction.

25 Feb 2019

Damaged pontoon markers.

Damaged pontoon markers

15 Jan 2019

Why Russia is getting back 30 World War II tanks from Laos

A Soviet T-34 tank drives in the Victory Day parade in May in Volgograd, Russia.

Russia is taking back World War II-era tanks from Laos because, well, Moscow needs a star, lots of them.

The Russian Defense Ministry said this week that 30 T-34 tanks had arrived in the far eastern port of Vladivostok after a 4,500-kilometer (2,800-mile) journey from the Southeast Asian nation. They soon will be on their way to the Moscow area.

Until recently, the tanks were on active duty in the Laotian military, almost 80 years after first being introduced into the Soviet military in 1940.

The T-34 was the backbone of Soviet armor in World War II and beyond.

"No tank affected the outcome of World War 2 as the Soviet T-34 Medium Tank series," according to the militaryfactory.com website.

Some 57,000 were built before the war ended in 1945, a number so large that "availability in numbers certainly played well for the Soviets as T-34s could swarm enemy positions seemingly at will," militaryfactory.com says.

T-34 production continued into the Cold War, with more than 80,000 produced in all. Thousands were exported around the world.

And while the Soviet Union and then Russia have produced more modern tanks since, the T-34 holds a strong place in Russian hearts. And that's what led to the need to bring the 30 back from Laos.
Russians, it seems, can't see enough of them.

"The equipment transferred by the Lao side is planned to be used during the Victory Parades in various cities of Russia, for updating museum exhibits, as well as for making historical films about the Great Patriotic War," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

And if you need any more evidence of that need and popularity, a feature-length film about Soviet soldiers and the tank, titled "T-34," broke Russian box office records last week, according to news reports.

By Brad Lendon, CNN

1 Jan 2019

Games Played, 2019

Games Played, 2019

Games played during the course of 2019 at either the Grimsby Wargames Society or my Operations Room, (Purpose built shed at the bottom of the garden) using the various rules I use.

Aliens Rules 0
Black Powder Rules 0
Blitzkrieg Commander Rules 0
Cold War Commander Rules 0
Dropzone Commander Rules 0
Future War Commander Rules 0
Hail Caesar Rules 0
Pike & Shotte Rules 0
Rapid Fire Rules 0
Zombie Rules 0
Kriegspiel is what i use for running campaigns.

Wargaming Expenditure 2019

Wargaming Expenditure 2019

This is an attempt for me to actually record how much I spend in a year on wargaming, so if I can keep up adding stuff to it, it will be interesting to add it all up in December.

Figures & Scenery Bought

B & Q

Pendraken Miniatures

Summer meadow grass

10mm WW2 / german - 12 trucks from eBay

Preiser 9010 Railway Personnel

Books Bought

Rules Bought