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Useful Anglo Zulu War Links

Here is a list of useful Anglo Zulu War links,  if you know of any other links which you think should be included then by all means use the comment form below. Black Powder Rules  by Warlord Games. My Anglo Zulu War Book Library Magister Militum Miniatures do both British and Zulus figures, and a range of buildings. Left picture. SUL1 British Infantry, High Porte. Right picture. SUL2 British Infantry Firing. Left picture. SUL5 Gatling Guns and Crew. Right picture. SUL6 Horse Artillery with Crew. Left picture. SUL8 Six Horse Limber and Crew. Right picture. SUL9 Ox Drawn Wagon. SUL10 British Command. SUL11 Spare Oxen, no picture. SUL12 Wagon, (no team, for camps), no picture. SUL20 Cavalry with Sabre. Left picture. SUL22 Lancers. Right picture. SUL24 Boer or Colonial Horse with carbine. Left picture. SUL30 Natal Native Horse. Right picture. TMP14 Zulu Bri