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Making American Civil War Blockhouse

Below is a tutorial on Making American Civil War Blockhouse (ACW). A very good friend of mine from the Grimsby Wargames Society built an American Civil War (ACW) blockhouse for his 15mm figures and so inspired me I just had to build one for my own 10mm figures. ACW Blockhouse Making ACW Blockhouse 1. The first step is to cut your bases to the desired size either using MDF or hardboard in my case I used hardboard and cut it to 6 inch wide by 6 inch long once you have cut your bases to the desired size you then want to proceed to rasp the edges to give it a smoother appearance. 2. The next phase is the glue the tiles spaces on to the hardboard using a glue gun at edges of the base. 3. The next step is to texture your base. I have done tutorial on basing. 4. Then using foam board I cut the basic shape for the blockhouse which consisted of two basic squares the first being 2 1/2 inches long and the height was 1 inch the second square was 2 inches long and 1 in