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Pendraken Painting Competition 2013

This year's Painting Competition had a huge 195 entries altogether, and the standard throughout was the highest we've seen so far.  As always, we'd like to thank every single person who took the time and effort to put an entry in, seeing the entries coming in each day was great fun, and showed just how much can be achieved in this scale. The Judges have had a fair old task on their hands as well this time around, with so many quality entries on show.  There were several categories where it was very tough to call, and a Top 5 or even Top 10 could have been compiled. Just for info, each judge had 6 points in total to award.  3 points went to their 1st place choice, 2 points to their 2nd place, and 1 point to their 3rd choice.  The points from all 5 judges were added together to give us our winners and runners-up. And so, without further ado, the winners are: Foot - Pre-20th C . (32 entries) This category had 3 entries fighting it out for the top spots

10mm Anglo Zulu War Project

My 10mm Anglo Zulu War project was started because when I was a little boy I watched the film Zulu with my mother and father and ever since I have been interested in the Anglo Zulu War (AZW).  So this is the start 10mm Anglo Zulu War (AZW) project. Anglo Zulu War British Army .  Anglo Zulu War Zulu Army .  Painting Anglo Zulu War British .  Painting Anglo Zulu War Zulus .  Black Powder Rules . Anglo Zulu War Battle Reports & Scenarios .  My Anglo Zulu War Book Library . Useful Anglo Zulu War Links . The rules I will be using are Black Powder  and  Zulu Black Powder Supplement . The core of the army will be built using Pendraken Miniature's and Old Glory Miniatures other manufacturers which I intend using are Magister Militum and Steve Barber . No. 2 Column (Detachment), Colonel A.W. Durnford, RE Natal Native Horse, Capt G. Barrington No. 1 Troop Sikali's Horse Lt C. Raw No. 2 Troop Sikali's Horse Lt J.A. Roberts No. 3