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Anglo Zulu War British Army

This is my 10mm Anglo Zulu War British Army, all of the figures are from the following Pendraken Miniature's and Old Glory Miniatures other manufacturers which I intend using are Magister Militum and Steve Barber . I intend using Black Powder rules. No. 2 Column (Detachment), Colonel A.W. Durnford, RE Natal Native Horse, Capt G. Barrington No. 1 Troop Sikali's Horse Lt C. Raw No. 2 Troop Sikali's Horse Lt J.A. Roberts No. 3 Troop Sikali's Horse Lt R.W. Vause Endendale Troop, Lt H.D. Davies Hlubi's Troop, Lt A.F. Henderson 1st/1st Natal Native Contingent D company Capt C. Nourse E company Capt W.R. Stafford No. 11 Battery, 7th Brigade, RA 3 x 9 pounder rockets, Major F.B. Russell  No. 3 Column (Detachment), Colonel H.B. Pulleine 5th Field Company, Royal Engineers 1st/24th Regiment of Foot, A company, Lt C.W. Cavaye 1st/24th Regiment of Foot, C company, Capt R. Younghusband 1st/24th Regiment