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10mm Texas War of Independence Project

Like I needed another project but when I see Dave Livesey abandoned Alamo project for sale (on my 10mm Wargaming Bring & Buy site) I couldn't resist, I've absolutely no idea when I will get round to doing this but another project is born. I also hope I can paint as nicely as Dave did see his work below 18 September 2018. Texas War of Independence Texian Army. Texas War of Independence Mexican Army. Texas War of Independence Buildings. The Alamo Painting Texas War of Independence Texians. Painting Texas War of Independence Mexicans. Black Powder Rules . Texas War of Independence Battle Reports & Scenarios. My Texas War of Independence Book Library. Useful Texas War of Independence Links. Texas War of Independence Project Pictures . The rules I will be using are Black Powder . The core of the army will be built using Old Glory Miniatures UK . 18 September 2018 Old Glory Alamo model including figures for both sides Fully painted model. Full

In Volgograd, Anatoly Kozlov, a participant of the Battle of Stalingrad and the Victory Parade of 1945 in Moscow

The participant of the Battle of Stalingrad, the chairman of the section "Participants of the Battle of Stalingrad" of the Volgograd Council of Veterans Anatoly Vedikdovich Kozlov, passed away. As reported by IA "Height 102" in the administration of the region, the famous front-line soldier died on September 9 at the 97th year of his life. Anatoly Venediktovich was born on February 12, 1922 in the Art. Markinskaya (Chuvildeev), Tsimlyansky District, Rostov Region. He was drafted to the front in June 1941 by the Stalin RVK of Grozny. In May 1942 he graduated from the Grozny Military-Infantry School. Sent to Kharkov, commanded a rifle platoon 275 division. In the 158 separate tank brigade fought under the town of Kalach-na-Donu. As part of the 87th tank brigade, the 7th Panzer Corps in December 1942 at Stalingrad took part in the defeat of the army of Lieutenant-General Manstein. He fought on the Kursk Bulge. He took part in the storming of Budapest and Vienna. T

Battles of the Western Front: WW1 Scenarios Vol. 1

Battles of the Western Front is a supplement for the ‘ Through the Mud and Blood ’ Divisional scale ruleset by Dobbies Hobbies. Battles of the Western Front Vol. 1 will give you nine historical scenarios recreating battles on the Western Front in 1916. To use this scenario book with the ‘Through the Mud and Blood’ Divisional Scale ruleset, you will need the core rule book as well as the ‘1916: The Year of Slaughter’ supplement with the army rules. These scenarios are also useable with various other rulesets. Scenarios included are - The Fall of Douaumont - Gas attack at Hullck - Operation May Cup - Canadians at Mont Sorrel - Beaumont Hamel - Capture of La Boisselle -The disaster at Fromelles - Dragons of Mematz - Battle of Morval Wargame Vault