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Dropzone Commander Card Buildings from eBay

Hawk Wargames Dropzone Commander Dropzone Commander Card Buildings and Markers

UCM and Scourge from eBay

UCM and Scourge Models from the 2 player starter set for Dropzone Commander as shown. Models are assembled as shown, parts are glued unless otherwise shown. Stands for the scourge ships broke when assembling, so they are now different heights as shown. One UCM ship is missing the bottom gun as shown. Clear windows are still on sprue to be added after models are painted. Ships are not glued to clear stands.

Wargaming Projects, 2016

Wargaming Projects during 2016 Wargaming Projects Below is a list of projects at various stages of completion. 10mm Caesars Gallic War Project Gallic & Celtic Army  99% complete Caesarian Roman Army. 0% complete Imperial Roman Army . 99% complete Painting Gallic & Celtic Warbands . 99% complete Painting Germanic Warbands . 0% complete Painting Romans . 0% complete Hail Caesar Rules . Gallic War Battle Reports & Scenarios . 80% complete My Caesars Gallic War Book Library Useful Caesars Gallic War Links . 10mm French Indian War (FIW) Project French Indian War (FIW) British Army. 0% complete French Indian War (FIW) French Army. 0% complete Painting French Indian War (FIW) British . 0% complete Painting French Indian War (FIW) French . 0% complete Black Powder Rules . French Indian War (FIW) Battle Reports & Scenarios . 1% complete My French Indian War (FIW) Book Library Useful French Indian War (FIW) Links . 10mm