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The Coming Thunder

The Coming Thunder is a scenario book covering historical skirmishes from June to December of 1861 during the American Civil War.  All of these occur in a relatively small area of northern Virginia involving many of the same units. There are 17 scenarios plus a campaign background to use with the campaign generator that comes with the rules. The scenarios are all from the first year of the war as is the campaign generator. The campaign generator is focused on the "Battle of the Peach Orchard" in the Fall of 1861. The battle was no one battle but a series of linked skirmishes that occurred across numerous orchards of peaches in Northern Virginia. It is an entertaining piece of history as the skirmishes had basically come to a stop once the troops had picked the peach trees clean of fruit. The scenarios cover the following skirmishes: 1) The Battle of Fairfax Courthouse - June 1, 1861 2) Ball's Crossroads - August 27, 1861 3) Bailey's Corners - August 28 -

Malcolm Taylor

Stonehenge this was made by my very good friend Malcolm Taylor for my celts and I think you will all agree it's just brilliant. I'm very lucky to have such a good friend in Malcolm Taylor who has just made me a temple for my ancients.

In the Name of Roma

In the Name of Roma is a Company and Platoon level scenarios for the Eastern Front, 1941 In July of 1941, the 80° Roma Regiment of the Pasubio Division boarded a train bound for Romania. Along with the rest of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia (Corpo di Spedizione Italiano), they would advance through the Ukraine alongside their German allies. In the coming months, the 80° would be engaged in brutal fighting across 1400 miles of the Eastern Front – covering most of that on foot. IN THE NAME OF ROMA is a wargame supplement that contains 30 company and platoon level scenarios covering the actions of the 80a Roma Regiment from August to December of 1941. You’ll follow the 80th from the open steppe to the Donetz industrial basin, including the amphibious attacks across the Dnieper, and the fateful decision of Column Chiarimonti to attempt to seize Nikitovka. IN THE NAME OF ROMA includes: • 30 scenarios divided in six distinct campaigns • Historical background informati