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Kriegspiel, Avalon Hill Designed by Tom Shaw 1970

I bought Kriegspiel off eBay with the intention of using it for my wargaming campaigns, I chose Kriegspiel as I could use it with all my wargaming periods. I was wondering if anybody else has used this for their wargaming campaigns and could maybe offer some tips. "Kriegspiel is a full-scale wargame between two nations." In the advanced book it says "Of all the games in the Avalon Hill line this game is best suited for introducing novices to the growing science of game strategy." A basic traditional hex and counter turn based wargame, units having combat and movement factors. Combat results are done by computing odds (1-1, 1-2, 3-1, etc) and using a CRT by cross-referencing one of 4 defending strategies and 3 attacking strategies (no dice). Victory is by reducing the opponent to 20 combat factors or occupying all of the opposing cities. Advanced game adds reinforcements, weather, air power, supply, etc. This article was originally published in issue 15

Back issues of Charge

Charge! was a digitally printed colour “fanzine” / newsletter that came with annual membership dues to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. It usually ran between 25-30 pages and had 2-4 original scenarios for regimental-level American Civil War miniature wargaming. Electronic copies of all of our back issues are available for downloading for only $2.99 each from the Wargame Vault. We also have American Civil War scenario books and army lists available on-line at the Wargame Vault. CHARGE 1 through 8 CHARGE 9 through 16 CHARGE 17 through 24 After chatting with Scott Mingus he very kindly made a master bundle of all the back issues of CHARGE, above are the previous bundles and below is the new master bundle. CHARGE! Master Bundle 1 through 41 CHARGE! Civil War wargaming Wargame Vault

December Clearout 2015

December Clearout 2015  I'm having a massive clearout of books and unwanted models, check out my eBay under the username  kingtiger200  to find yourself some bargains. for sale 10mm Part Painted Pendraken WWII British Army, with 60 plus vehicles, 6 anti aircraft guns, 6 anti tank guns and over 80 infantry. please note file boxes not included. Weight nearly 2.2kg Parcelforce Worldwide express48 2 working days guaranteed, Up to £300 for loss or damage, Tracked £120.00  Sold for sale 10mm Painted Pendraken 2 x M3 Stuart 'Honey' and 3 M5 tank, painted to a good wargames standard using Vallejo paints and based on pre-cut 2mm MDF bases. Bear metal cost from Pendraken would be £2.60 per vehicle so total cost of £13.00 with postage £17.00  Sold for sale 10mm Pendraken 2 x Sherman 75 with calliope RL, painted to a good wargames standard using Vallejo paints and based on pre-cut 2mm MDF bases. Bear metal cost from Pendraken would be £3.00 per vehi