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Hail Caesar Rules

These are my goto set of ancients rules for my 10mm Caesar's Gallic War Project. Hail Caesar Wargaming Rules by Warlord Games is written by the hugely talented Rick Priestley who is something of an expert in Ancients gaming. Partly because of his studying in antiquities but some would say that it's also because he was there for the most part. So aside from firsthand experience of classical civilisations what else do you get? A 192 page, full colour, hardback rulebook By the award winning team that produced Hail Caesar Covers gaming in periods from biblical times to the Crusades An exclusive miniature - Titus Aduxas - when you order through the Warlord Games website! download.  Hail Caesar Supplements Hail Caesar, Age of Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar was surely the most famous Roman of all time – conqueror, statesman and founder of an empire that would shape the destiny of the world. What’s more, we know just how great a commander he was b

French Indian War (FIW) Battle Reports & Scenarios

French Indian War (FIW) Battle Reports & Scenarios The Battle of Fort Prince George, 15 April 1754 The Battle of Jumonville Glen, 28 May 1754 The Battle of Great Meadows, 3 July 1754  Skirmish at Hoosick, 28 August 1754  The Battle of Fort Beauséjour, 3 to 16 June 1755 The Battle of Grand Banks, 6 June 1755  The Battle of Fort Gaspereau, 17 June 1755  Skirmish at New River Settlement, 3 July 1755  The Battle of Monongahela, 9 July 1755  The Bloody Morning Scout, 8 September 1755  The Battle of Lake George, 8 September 1755  The Bloody Pond Massacre, 8 September 1755 The Penns Creek Massacre, 16 October 1755 The Leroy Massacre, 16 October 1755 The Battle of Fort Bull, 27 March 1756 The Battle of Sideling Hill, 4 April 1756 The Battle of Great Cacapon, 18 April 1756  The Raid on Lunenburg, 8 May 1756 The Massacre at Fort Granville, 30 July 1756  The Battle of Fort Oswego, 10 to 14 August 1756 The Battle of Kittanning, 8 September 1756  Fort Lawrence is bur

Caesar's Gallic War Battle Reports & Scenarios

Caesars Gallic War Battle Reports & Scenarios Battle of Bibracte Battle of Vosges Battle of the Sabis River Battle of Morbihan Gulf Battle at Gergovia Battle at Lutetia Parisiorum Battle at Alesia