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Making Gallic/Celtic Villages

I needed some ancient celtic villages for my Caesar's Gallic War Project, I know that there are quite a few commercially available ancient celtic villages which would have been more than suitable. However I really fancied having a go at building some of my own villages and to be honest it was surprisingly easy. I hope you really enjoy this tutorial on how I completed this task. Gallic/Celtic Villages Making Gallic/Celtic Village One 1. The first stage was to draw a paper template of how I wanted the Celtic village to be arranged. 2. The next thing was to decide what size base I was going to use, I decided on 10 x 10 inches using my preferred basing material hardboard after cutting my bases I proceeded to rasp the edges to give it a smoother appearance. 3. The next stage was to cover the assorted cardboard rolls with PVA glue and then put toilet roll paper over the top and allow to dry.  4. The next stage is to make the ro