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My American Civil War Book Library

My American Civil War book library for wargaming consists of the following titles this is not an exhaustive library is just some of my favourites on the subject. The American Civil War (1) The war in the East 1861–May 1863 The United States saw long-simmering sectional tensions erupt into fighting at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, in April 1861, beginning what would become the most cataclysmic military struggle in the western world between Waterloo and the First World War. This volume focuses on events in the Virginia theatre during the conflict's first two years, highlighting Union and Confederate strengths and weaknesses, leadership and strategy on each side, and the ways in which events on the battlefield influenced politics, diplomacy, and debates about emancipation. Osprey Essential Histories are complete yet concise studies of each major conflict in history. The American Civil War (2) The war in the West 1861–July 1863 The American Civil Wa

Black Powder Rules

These are my goto set of 18th century rules for my 10mm American Civil War (ACW) Project . This book describes the Black Powder game and its various procedures and rules as played by the authors and their friends. The authors’ aim is to enable and encourage the reader to recreate the great battles of the 18th and 19th centuries with armies of model soldiers on the tabletop. As well as providing for the fundamentals of warfare such as the command of troops, movement on the battlefield, the effects of musketry and artillery, and the role of morale, the book includes numerous examples of further rules allowing the player to tailor games to their own preferences. In addition, twelve complete examples of Black Powder battles are included, embracing a range of conflicts throughout the period covered. Battle of Elixheim – War of the Spanish Succession, 1705 Battle of Clifton Moor – Jacobite Rising, 1745 Raid on Fort Ligonier – French and Indian War, 1758 Battle of