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N Gauge Job Lots (June 2018) from eBay

N GAUGE job lot 2 steam engine shed items: coaling tower & water tower You are looking at an N GAUGE job lot 2 steam engine shed items.  There is a coaling tower & a water tower. Manufacturer Vollmer & unknown. Largest measures approx 11x5x11 cm high. £8.70 N GAUGE KIBRI VOLLMER FACTORY BUILDINGS £13.50  I have some N gauge buildings as a job lot. There are 2 factory buildings (one has a couple of window frames missing) and an engine shed (which has a missing door). There are also 3 tunnel mouths. £6 N Gauge Buildings from eBay

1960 Job lot Lone star diecast locos from eBay

1960 Job lot Lone star diecast locos, Track ,Station signal box buffers etc £24.50 lone star locos Lone Star Locos Trains and Track well played with £16.50 lone star locos & track A quantity of Lone Star miniature trains consisting of 3 locos some rolling stock and a quantity of track and points. £10.95 Lone Star, eBay UK   Lone Star, eBay USA

Pendraken Painting Competition 2018

Thanks to everyone who entered the 2018 Pendraken Painting Competition, we've seen a fantastic standard of painting this year and we've thoroughly enjoyed watching the entries come in.  I hope you all enjoyed in as much as we did! In a change to the format this year, the voting has been entirely in the hands of our members and has been open for the past week.  Every member had 3 votes to cast in each category, so let's see how they judged it... The Winners of the 2018 Pendraken Painting Competition are... Foot - Pre-20th C . (34 entries) This category saw one entry pull away from the pack but there's been a 3-way tie for second place! 1st place: Mixed grenadiers, by redstef - wins £40 Pendraken credit! Joint 2nd place: Ansbach-Beyreuth, by paulr - wins £20 Pendraken credit! Joint 2nd place: Early Saxons, by barbarian - wins £20 Pendraken credit! Joint 2nd place: Saxe-Eisenach, by DHautpol - wins £20 Pendraken credit! Foot - 20th C.

Barbarossa - Kicking in the Door

“ Barbarossa – Kicking in the Door …” is a wargames campaign covering the German invasion of the Soviet Union between June and September 1941. It is designed for games in which a stand represents a platoon, such as ‘ Blitzkrieg Commander ’, ‘Command Decision: TOB’, ‘A Fistful of Tows’, ‘ Rapid Fire ’ and others, including those which wargamers may have written themselves. The system generates 150+ hours of gaming spread over 50+ individual battles which are fought over fifteen weekly campaign turns. Bookkeeping is kept to a minimum as players take command of four of the German panzer divisions spearheading the invasion or the Soviet tank and infantry forces opposing them. Straightforward German attacks will be interspersed with Soviet counterattacks, storming city outskirts, holding bridgeheads or trying to break through the fortifications of the Stalin Line. Each type of battle has its own terrain specifications, victory conditions, set up restrictions and likely opposition. Indi