27 Sept 2010

Making Mountains

Making Mountains

It's always a bit of a compromise when you're making mountains for wargaming. On the one hand you want them to look like the real McCoy, but on the other they need to be suitable for placing figures. This means having somewhat unnaturally flat levels. Mountains enhance the scenery of your wargaming table. You can make your own mountains out of a wide variety of materials, but in this tutorial I will be using foam board which offers flexibility and low cost. 

First Mountain

1. The first step is to cut your bases to the desired size either using MDF or hardboard in my case I used hardboard and cut it to 6 inch by 6 inch once you have cut your bases to the desired size you then want to proceed to rasp the edges to give it a smoother appearance.

2. The next step is to cut and shape your foam board. 

Making Mountains Picture 1

3. Once you have cut your foam board to the desired shape you then need to glue it to your hardboard using PVA glue, you will need to leave this for 24 hours. 

4. The next step is to texture your base. I have done tutorial on basing.

5. The next step is to paint your diorama you of course can use any colours you wish but I use Humbrol No. 110 Natural Wood as the base colour and then dry brush with Humbrol No. 103 Cream, for the mountain I used Humbrol No. 67 Tank Grey and then dry brushed this with Humbrol No. 64 Light Grey.

Making Mountains Picture 2

Making Mountains Picture 3

6. The next step is to varnish your diorama I use Ronseal Diamond Hard Varnish, matt clear once this is dry you can then add any trees to the diorama that you wish, and I always finish off by using Noch Summer Meadow Grass. 

Making Mountains Picture 4

Making Mountains Picture 5

Making Mountains Picture 6

Making Mountains Picture 7

Second Mountain

Making Mountains Picture 8

Making Mountains Picture 9

Making Mountains Picture 10

Making Mountains Picture 11

Making Mountains Picture 12

As you can see in the picture I have added a cave opening, to make the cave entrance, I simply cut a chunk of foam board out and textured the sides to make it look as natural as possible.

Making Mountains Picture 13

Making Mountains Picture 14

Making Mountains Picture 15


Tape measure
Wood saw
Craft knife
Glue gun


Polycell Textured Ceilings Course Effect
Ronseal Diamond Hard Varnish, matt clear
Noch Summer Meadow Grass
PVA Glue
Foam Board

Humbrol Colours

Humbrol No. 110 Natural Wood
Humbrol No. 103 Cream
Humbrol No. 67 Tank Grey
Humbrol No. 64 Light Grey

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