21 Sept 2011

Painting World War II Romanian

Here is my guide for Painting World War II Romanians uniforms and vehicles using Vallejo acrylic colors. I have also done a painting guide for World War II (WWII) GermansRussians and British.

Romanian Infantry

Romanian Infantry

Romanian Infantry Vallejo Colours

Vallejo 888 Olive Grey (helmet)
Vallejo 826 German Medium Camo Brown (trousers, tunics and side caps)
Vallejo 940 Saddle Brown (leather boots, belts and ammo pouches)
Vallejo 881 Yellow Green  (bread bag)
Vallejo 955 Flat Flesh (hands faces)
Vallejo 875 Beige Brown (gun stock, tool handles)
Vallejo 863 Gunmetal Grey (gun ect)

Romanian Artillery And Vehicles

Romanian Artillery And Vehicles

Romanian Artillery And Vehicles Vallejo Colours

Vallejo 888 Olive Grey  (artillery and vehicles)
Vallejo 918 Ivory (lightly dry brushed all of the above) 

Romanian Aircraft

Romanian Aircraft

Romanian Aircraft Vallejo Colours


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