1 Aug 2013

Anglo Zulu War Zulu Army

Anglo Zulu War Zulu Army

This is my 10mm Anglo Zulu War Zulu Army, all of the figures are from the following Pendraken Miniature's and Old Glory Miniatures other manufacturers which I intend using are Magister Militum and Steve Barber. I intend using Black Powder rules. 

Right Horn
uDududu (1500) no 3
iSangqu (1500) Married 3
iMbube (500) no 3
uNokhenke (2000) no3

uMcijo (2500) no 3
uMxhapho (2000) no 3

Left Horn
uMbonambi (2000) no 3
iNgobamakhosi (6000) no 5 


uVe (3500) no 3

uThulwana (1500) Married 3
iNdluyengwe (1000) no 3
iNdllondlo (1000) Married 3
uDloko (2500) Married 3

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