2 Oct 2014

The Baggagetrain Ancient Buildings

 The BaggageTrain Buildings

The Baggagetrain is a small operation run by Steven Oates who makes building suitable for my Caesars Gallic War. And I must say I am extremely impressed with these buildings and will we most definitely getting a lot more. 

10mm Sub Roman Great Hall, this model is approximately 100mm long and 50mm wide. It is a timber and daub building with a thatched roof. This model can be used throughout the Late Roman to early medieval period.

10mm Sub Roman Great Hall

10mm Roman outpost, It comes in four parts and is made from a high quality resin. It needs to be assembled so basic modeling skills are required.

10mm Roman outpost

10mm Roman tents, 6 x legionaries and 1 x centenarian's tent

10mm Roman tents

10mm Roman/Sub Roman/Saxon/Viking building to create a small village, the models are of a timber and daub with a thatched roof. These model can be used throughout the Late Roman, Saxon/viking to early medieval period.

10mm Roman/Sub Roman/Saxon/Viking building to create a small village

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