14 Jan 2014

10mm French & Indian War Project

10mm French Indian War Project

My 10mm French & Indian War Project (yes i know, yet again) another new wargaming project.This will be based around the Battle of Quebec.

The French & Indian War was the North American conflict in a larger war between Great Britain and France known as the Seven Years War. The French & Indian War began in 1754 and ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The war supplied Great Britain tremendous territorial gains in North America, but disputes over subsequent frontier policy and paying the war’s expenses led to colonial discontent, and ultimately to the American War of Independence.

French Indian War British Army. 
French Indian War French Army. 

The rules I will be using are Black PowderDark and Bloody Ground, Black Powder Supplement and The Last Argument of Kings, Black Powder Supplement.

French & Indian War Project Pictures
French & Indian War Art

The core of the army will be built using Pendraken Miniatures other manufacturers which I intend using are Old Glory Miniatures.

The Battle of Quebec

British Order of Battle


James Wolfe
Robert Monckton
James Murray
George Townsend

15th Regiment of Foot
22nd Regiment of Foot
28th Regiment of Foot
35th Regiment of Foot
40th Regiment of Foot
43rd Regiment of Foot
45th Regiment of Foot
47th Regiment of Foot
58th Anstruther's Foot
II./60th Royal American Regiment of Foot
III./60th Royal American Regiment of Foot
78th Regiment of Foot Highlanders
Louisbourg Grenadiers
Royal Artillery 2 light field gun

French Order of Battle


Louis-Joseph de Montcalm
Jean-Daniel Dumas
Etienne-Guillaume de Senezergues

Montreal militia
Quebec militia
La Sarre
Royal Roussillon
Trois-Rivieres militia
4 field guns

10mm FIW figures which I bought from eBay

18 April 2019

Warlord Games has announced that a new supplement is coming your way for Black Powder tomorrow as pre-orders begin for A Dark & Bloody Ground.

14 November 2014

Some gun emplacements all finished the can be used for FIW, AWI and ACW

Some gun emplacements picture 1

Some gun emplacements picture 2

6 November 2014

Pendraken Starfort all finished complete with British and American flags which Malcolm Taylor very kindly did for me. However as the fort is in British control I can't see it being captured by the American traitors.

PS33 Star fort with outer ditch

23 January 2014

David Morier Artists

29 November 2013

BD208 Clapboard House

BD208 Clapboard House

BD208 Clapboard House (2)

BD208 Clapboard House (2)

BD209 Wooden Church

BD209 Wooden Church

BD210 Clapboard Two Story House

BD210 Clapboard Two Story House

BD210 Clapboard Two Story House (2)

BD210 Clapboard Two Story House (2)

29 April 2013

32/001 Henry House

32/001 Henry House picture 1

32/002 Brian Farm - Gettysburg

32/002 Brian Farm - Gettysburg picture 1

32/003 Dunker Church

32/003 Dunker Church picture 1

32/004 Fair Oaks House

32/004 Fair Oaks House

32/005 Stone House

32/005 Stone House picture 1

32/006 Lee & Gordon's Mill

32/006 Lee & Gordon's Mill

32/007 Bennett's Farm

32/007 Bennett's Farm picture 1

February 2012 

I entered Pendraken Painting Competition 2012 with their PS35 American Civil War (ACW) buildings which had painted earlier in the year.

PS35 ACW buildings

November 2012

Warlord Games has updated and is now reprinting the Last Argument of Kings book for Black Powder.

3 December 2012

My attempt to build a American Civil War (ACW) blockhouse which can be also used in the French Indian War (FIW). And to be honest I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. You can see the full construction guide here.

ACW blockhouse

9 Mar 2011

I scratch built all of my snake fencing you can find the complete guide to building these fences here.

ACW snake fencing


Warlord Games has released The Last Argument of Kings their Eighteenth century supplement for Black Powder.

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