29 Dec 2015

Back issues of Charge

Back issues of Charge

Charge! was a digitally printed colour “fanzine” / newsletter that came with annual membership dues to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. It usually ran between 25-30 pages and had 2-4 original scenarios for regimental-level American Civil War miniature wargaming.

Electronic copies of all of our back issues are available for downloading for only $2.99 each from the Wargame Vault. We also have American Civil War scenario books and army lists available on-line at the Wargame Vault.

CHARGE 1 through 8

CHARGE 9 through 16

CHARGE 17 through 24

After chatting with Scott Mingus he very kindly made a master bundle of all the back issues of CHARGE, above are the previous bundles and below is the new master bundle.

CHARGE! Master Bundle 1 through 41

CHARGE! Civil War wargaming
Wargame Vault

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