14 Jul 2018

Bovington Wargamers Show

Me and Malcolm just back from Bovington Wargamers Show, organised by Richard Harris and his team.


There were 30 Traders.

Adler Miniatures
Art of War Shirts
Assault Group
Goodies from  Barwell UK Airbrush Supplies

I bought a paint mixer after being assured it would fit the Vallejo bottles unfortunately it doesn't so I'm going to have to modify it

Charlie Foxtrot Models
Clive’s Diecasts
Goodies from  Colonel Bill’s

I purchased two packs of Newline Designs ACW 1 pack & 1 pack of cavalry

Goodies from  Colonel Bill’s

Dave Lanchester
Early War Miniatures
Grubby Tanks
Lesley’s Bits Box
Parkfield Miniatures
Pit Gaming Shop
Plastic Soldier Company
Rapid Fire and Valiant Miniatures
Rubicon Models
Goodies from Scene

The Scene has acquired all the Fieldworks moulds so I bought the last of the pre painted stuff.

Sgt’s Mess
SHQ Miniatures
Simple Miniature Games
Tumbling Dice
Wargames Terrain Workshop
Warlord Games


And approximately 20 demo games

10mm Game using Spearhead rules

Rapid Fire/Valiant Miniatures game run by Richard Marsh and Allen

Here's my album with the whole day

Tabletop Sale

I picked up for model aeroplane kits from the table top sale

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