1 Jan 2022

Wargaming Expenditure 2022

Wargaming Expenditure 2020

Wargaming Expenditure for 2022. This is an attempt for me to actually record how much I spend in a year on wargaming, so if I can keep up adding stuff to it, it will be interesting to add it all up in December.

Figures & Scenery Bought

10mm FIW figures which I bought from eBay (hindsfigsltd) £283.50
10mm AWI figures which I bought from eBay (hindsfigsltd) £
Bases which I bought from Pendraken Miniatures £
Undercoat and a wet palette from the Army Painter

Books Bought

Rules Bought

A Dark & Bloody Ground, Warlord Games FIW Supplement which I bought from eBay £10



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