26 Nov 2022

Battleground, 26th November 2022

The Grimsby Wargames Society are going to attend and put on a 15mm ACW, The Siege of Vicksburg demo game at Battleground, 30th November 2019.

Display Games

Border Reiver Wargames Society, General D'Armee Napoleonics, 10mm Napoleonic game pitting French vs Russians.

Brompton Bankers, Pilgrim's Progress, "Somewhere in Outremer a group of pilgrims and their escorts are attacked by the Seljuks." An early Crusades scenario using Lion Rampant v.2 rules and the Crusader States supplement.

Dougie's Wargaming Blog, Goose Green, Falklands 1982, A small part of the battle at Darwin/Goose Green, in 10mm.

Durham Wargames Group, Pavia 1525, Large 28mm game showing the Italian Wars with 3,000 figures. In collaboration with Colin Ashton.

Generals & Kings, Normandy WWII, 20mm game using the new Rapid Fire rules.

Grimsby Wargames Society, The Siege of Vicksburg,  A 15mm ACW game

Lancaster Cellarmen, Never Mind the Billhooks, 28mm Renaissance game using the new Never Mind the Billhooks rules.

Mark Hornsby, Battle of Maldon 991AD, Battle of Maldon 991AD fought between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, in 2mm.

Old Guard Wargames Group 

Prince Bishop Wargames Club, Siege of Barnard Castle 1215, Skirmish game using Baron Wars ruleset, recreating this historical siege.

Stafford & District Wargamers, Pony Wars, Wild West action using the Pony Wars rules and 10mm figures!

Tantobie Warfare and Tactical Society, 15mm Modern Africa, A modern African game in 15mm.

Tyneside Wargames Club, Battle of Bautzen 1813, A big 'little' game with over 7000 figures!

UK Fight Club, Battle of Donetsk Airport, Donetsk: The Battle for the Airport in the 1st Ukrainian War, 2014-15

Westerhope Wargames Club, Wellington in India, A 28mm game showing Wellington's time in India.

Traders list

Tabletop Sale

I absolutely love rummaging through table top sales you can see what I found in the picture below.

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