7 Feb 2016

Vapnartak, York, Wargames Show 2016

The first show of the year Vapnartak at  York racecourse is without doubt one of my favourite shows of the the year.

And this year's was of the same high standard as previous years.

And personal highlight for me was meeting some of the other members of Pendraken forum

Big Kings of War

Demonstration game run by Chesterfield Open Gaming Society

Kings of War is the mass fantasy wargame from Mantic Entertainment. We've taken the "mass" part of that description to heart and will be playing it as it should be played: "BIG"!

With many hundreds of models on each side, we'll be constantly playing through the day to show that even a game of this scale is able to be completed in a day's play.

Big Kings of War 1

Big Kings of War 2

Demonstration by Comitatus of late Roman re-enactment

Comitatus is Britain's leading Late Roman re-enactment group helping to set a new standard in historical authenticity.

Comitatus 1

Comitatus 2

Comitatus 3

Demonstration game run by East Leeds Militaria Society Wargames Club

Dragon Rampant: They're over the walls!

The undead have breached the castle walls and the forces of Good are under severe pressure. Units of Good are also trying to raise the siege, so that the Undead are obliged to look to their rear just as victory seemed assured. 28mm fantasy game using the new "Dragon Rampant" rules.

Demonstration game run by Great Escape Games

Iron Cross

World War II wargaming in 15mm

Great Escape Games

Demonstration game run by Harrogate Wargames Club

The Wicker Man

Northern Britannia 72 AD

The local tribes have risen up in rebellion against the occupying Roman forces. A patrol from a far flung outpost has been captured and is to be sacrificed to the Gods in a Wicker Man.

Using the recently released Dragon Rampant rules you can take command of the Roman garrison as they seek to rescue their comrades from a horrible fate or lead the tribes in rebellion to throw off the yoke of imperial oppression.

In addition each player will have the opportunity to seek glory for themselves while ensuring victory for their chosen side.

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