25 May 2016

Partizan Wargames Show, Newark, May 2016

Partizan Wargames Show, Newark, May 2016

Partizan's first show in the George Stephenson Hall at Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire. It makes up 200 acres of the former RAF Winthorpe Airfield which were purchased in 1964 by the Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society.

And as to the new venue, I thought it was so much better then Kelham Hall plenty of light lots of room for walking around just brilliant.

My swag

For a change I didn't really buy anything except for subscribing to the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers Journal which I've been meaning to do for quite a while. The Journal and has its own dedicated Facebook page and forum for discussions.

Demonstration and Participation Games

Blitzkrieg Miniatures. 28mm Early War WW2, Demonstration Game

Bramley Barn Wargames Group. 28mm ACW, Demonstration Game

Crooked Dice. 28mm 7TV, Demonstration Game

Derby Wargames Society. 28mm Ireland 1690s Siege, Demonstration Game

Forest Outlaws. 15mm Seven Years War, Demonstration Game

Great Yarmouth Good Old Boys. 28mm Seven Years War – ‘Laundry Wars’, Demonstration Game

Grimsby Wargames Society. 1200th Scale Naval – ‘The Four Days Battle 11th – 14th June 1666’, Demonstration Game

Grimsby Wargames Society. 28mm War of Spanish Succession, Demonstration Game

Gripping Beast. 28mm Big Battles Ancients Game - Swordpoint, Demonstration Game

Harrogate Wargames Club. 28mm Romano-British, Demonstration Game

Hysterical Games. 28mm Panzerfaust, Demonstration Game

Lance & Longbow Society. 15mm Medieval warfare – Battle of Edgcote, Demonstration Game

League of Gentleman. Anti-Alchemists 28mm Western Front 1944 – ‘Calvados and Chips’, Demonstration Game

Like A Stonewall Wargames Group. 28mm Wars of the Roses – 2nd Battle of St Albans, Demonstration Game

Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society. 28mm Sharpe Practice,  Demonstration Game

Mansfield Wargames Club. 28mm Napoleonics - Gorodetschna 1812, Demonstration Game

Mr Dale Yates. 28mm Border Reivers, Demonstration Game

Mr Dave Imrie. 28mm Carlist Wars - Sharp Practice, Demonstration Game

Mr Graham Cummings. 28mm 18th Century – 1744 Invasion of England, Demonstration Game

Mr James Morris. 28mm WW1 – ‘Verdun 1916’, Demonstration Game

It's based on the assault on Fort Vaux during the battle of Verdun in 1916, during which the French and Germans battled in narrow tunnels using flamethrowers and grenades in what must have been hellish conditions. For more pictures visits Tom's Toy Soldiers

Mr Simon Miller & Dr Phil Hendry. 28mm Ancients – ‘Big Ballistas’, Demonstration Game

For more pictures visit The BigRedBatCave

Mr Steve Jones. 28mm American War of Independence, Demonstration Game

For more picture visit Steve's Paintingshed

Northampton Battlefield Society. Battle of Naseby, Demonstration Game

Nottingham Wargames Club. 28mm English Civil War, Demonstration Game

RAWgamers. 28mm ECW Skirmish – ‘Somewhere in Scotland 1650’, Demonstration Game

Sally4th. 28mm WW2 Skirmish – ‘Combat Patrol’, Demonstration Game

South East Scotland Wargames Club. TBA, Demonstration Game

The Bunker. Winter 79, Demonstration Game

The Perry Twins. 28mm WW2 Vichy France, Demonstration Game

Very British Parlour Forum. 28mm VBCW, Demonstration Game

Warlord Games/ Mr Rick Priestly. 28mm Gates of Antares Demonstration Game

Westbury Wargames. 28mm French Indo China 1950 – “Action in Coc Xa Gorge”, Demonstration Game

Ainsty Casting.  28mm Aggro, Participation Game

Caliver Books. Participation Game

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society. In Her Majesty’s Name Fast Play, Participation Game

Doncaster Wargames Society. 28mm Steampunk Boats – Clockwork Log Rafts.  Participation Game

Dr Mike Salwey. Dr Mike's Painting Clinic, Participation Game

Grantham Strategy Club. Broomstick Racing – ‘Unseen University Grand Trunk National’, Participation Game

Great Escape Games. 15mm WW2 – ‘Iron Cross’, Participation Game

Gripping Beast. 28mm SAGA,  Participation Game

Kallistra. The Battle of the Somme 1st July 1916, Participation Game

KB Club. 144th Scale Modern Armour – ‘Russian Cold War Assault’, Participation Game

KB Club. 144th Scale Sci-fi – ‘Eurasian Solar Union Assault’, Participation Game

Mantic Games. TBA Participation Game

Mr Ian Duff. 10mm Sci-Fi - Firestorm Planetfall, Participation Game

North Star. 28mm Fantasy – Frostgrave, Participation Game

Old Sergeant’s Mess. Ancient British Chariot Racing, Participation Game

Peterborough Wargames Club. Men Who Would be Kings, Participation Game

RAF Wargames Association. Participation buggy racing game with 28mm Minions– “Formula Minion’, Participation Game

Wargames Developments. ‘Cursus Honorum’ The Game of Political Advancement in the Roman Republic, Participation Game

Wings of Glory Aerodrome WW1/WW2 Campaign Mix, Participation Game

Wings of Glory Aerodrome. Sails of Glory, Participation Game


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