4 Mar 2019

Battleground, 30th November 2019

The Grimsby Wargames Society are going to attend and put on a demo game at Battleground, 30th November 2019.

The game will be based on aspects of, The Battle of the Dnieper which was a military campaign that took place in 1943 on the Eastern Front of World War II. It was one of the largest operations in World War II, involving almost 4,000,000 troops at a time stretched on a 870 mile front.

The terrain makers are as follows

Malcolm Taylor
Me Andrew Bruce
Tony Waumsley
Chris Newman
Ade Burton

Battleground, 30th November 2019 Pictures

13 Oct 2019

I've painted a few World War II Cossacks which i intend expanding.

I've painted a few World War II Refugees.

World War II Refugees

9 Sep 2019

Work on the cinema this has entirely been scratch built by Malcolm Taylor.

10 Jul 2019

More progress can be seen on the boards

6 Jun 2019

Basic overview of the boards

10 Apr 2019

The gang apart from me

The gang apart from me

24 Mar 2019

Trees made by Ade Burton using pipe cleaners

Close-up shot of the blown up Bridge this was made by Tony Waumsley

Some close-up shots of the railway bridge this was made by Ade Burton

railway bridge

5 Mar 2019

Updated supply trains.

Updated supply trains.

4 Mar 2018

One of the river boards now sculpted

One of the river boards now sculpted

27 Feb 2019

Insulation foam stuck down onto the boards

Insulation foam picture 1

Insulation foam picture 2

The baseboards all painted and framed

baseboards picture 1

baseboards picture 2

Supply train

Supply train

Railway bridge under construction.

Railway bridge under construction.

25 Feb 2019

Damaged pontoon markers.

Damaged pontoon markers

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