27 Sep 2019

Making Soviet Villages

Making Soviet Villages

1. The first step is to cut your bases to the desired size either using MDF or hardboard in my case I used hardboard and cut it to 12 inch wide by 12 inch long once you have cut your bases to the desired size you then want to proceed to rasp the edges to give it a smoother appearance.

2. The second step is to place your buildings in the desired position

3. The third step is to glue down your buildings and fencing using a glue gun.

4. The fourth step is to cover the base with Polycell Filler

5. The fifth step is to paint the entire diorama Brown.

6. The sixth step is to dry brush the buildings with Vallejo 860, And dry brush the thatched roofs Vallejo 821.

7, The seventh step is to paint the windows Vallejo 844 and Varnish everything.

8. The Eighth step is to add Noch Summer Meadow Grass.


Tape measure
Wood saw
Glue Gun


Pendraken Miniatures, SCN-EF01, SCN-EF02, SCN-EF03, SCN-EF04, SCN-EF05, SCN-EF06, SCN-EF07
Blotz, Fences - Rough
Polycell Filler
Ronseal Diamond Hard Varnish, matt clear
Noch Summer Meadow Grass


Vallejo 860 Medium Fleshtone
Vallejo 821 German Cam Beige WWII
Vallejo 844 Deep Sky Blue
Valspar Brown

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