2 Dec 2014

Preparing A Miniature

Preparing A Miniature

Here is my guide for preparing a miniature an easy guide to follow part 1, part 2 (Painting A Miniature), part 3 (Painting Horses), part 4 (Wargaming Materials), part 5 (Wargaming Tools).

Clean up the miniature

Ok we have received our miniature. So the first thing to do is have a really good look at the miniature and assess what needs to be done. To be honest I find most miniatures require very little work. The next step is to use a craft knife or file, to clean up any flash/mould lines which may be on the miniature.

Clean up the miniature

1. Flash

Flash 1

Flash 2

2. Mould lines

Mould lines 1

Mould lines 2

Wash the miniature

The next stage is to wash the miniature to remove any residual mould release agent and any skin oil, whilst i was cleaning flash/mould lines. The best method is to use a mixture of warm water and washing-up liquid. Give the miniature a good scrub with a soft toothbrush then let dry on a tea towel.

Wash the miniature

Assemble the miniature

Sometimes a miniature will require assembly there are several types of glue which are available from this, superglue, two-part epoxy.

Priming the miniature ready for painting

Okay the last stage is to prime your miniature. I use plsti-kote water based (Fast Dry Enamel) which is a brush on paint, it also gives me the opportunity to check the miniature again for any flash/mould lines I have missed.

Priming the miniature ready for painting


Craft knife
Small wire cutters


Washing up liquid
Super glue



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