3 Dec 2014

Timecasts WWII Buildings

TimeCast Buildings
I purchased TimeCast Buildings, 21/RU1 Traditional Wooden Church 1812, whilst I was at Triples wargames show (2012) and I must say I am extremely pleased with this building the scale and the detailing are amazing, I got this building for my ongoing World War II Russian front project.

TimeCast also produce a range of American Civil War (ACW) buildings, Henry House, Brian Farm, Dunker Church, Fair Oaks House, Stone House, Lee and Gordons Mill, Bennetts Farm which are definitely on my list to acquire.

Napoleonic & Revolutionary Wars

21/RU1 Traditional Wooden Church 1812 Large traditional Wooden Church 1812. Based on the drawings of a German Artillery Officer who served in Russia in 1812, this model depicts a typical Russian wooden church.

21/RU1 Traditional Wooden Church 1812 picture 1

21/RU1 Traditional Wooden Church 1812 picture 2

21/RU1 Traditional Wooden Church 1812 picture 3

21/RU1 Traditional Wooden Church 1812 picture 4

Humbrol Colours

Under coated with Humbrol No. 67 Tank Grey.
Main colour is lightly dry brushed on with Humbrol No. 160 German Camouflage Red Brown and then lightly dry brushed with Humbrol No. 103 Cream.
The Dome and aspire were painted with Humbrol No. 16 Enamel Metallic Gold
The windows were painted with Humbrol No. 47 Sea Blue.

North American Buildings (ACW and AWI)

Eastern European buildings

4/004 Kharkov Town House and Shop. Based on photographs taken during the German occupation of Kharkov during WW2, this model consists of a town house and shop. The model has been designed so that it can be combined with other models to make a realistic street.

Vallejo Colours

Under coated with Vallejo 995 German Grey.
Roof dry brushed with Vallejo 990 Light Grey.
Walls Vallejo 951 White
Windows Vallejo 844 Sky Blue.
Chimney breast Vallejo 846 Mahogany Brown

4/005 Town House at Rostov. Based on photographs taken during the fighting in Rostov in 1941.

Vallejo Colours

Western European Buildings (France, Belgium & Holland)

7/010 Large ruined house.

Vallejo Colours


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