Triples Sheffield Wargames Show 2016

Triples is without doubt, is one of my favourite wargames shows of the year. However over the past couple of years attendance has been declining, as well as the amount of Traders. This year the entire show looked like a ghost town.

 And quite a few Traders were saying It was a total disaster and that they’ed not covered their costs.

Here is some other people's opinions of the show.

Sheffield Triples Review, TMP
Triples 2016 Saturday, TMP
Sheffield Triples 2016 19th to 20th March, TMP
Triples, Sheffield, Pendraken
Triples Sheffield Wargames Show 2016, TWW

On a personal note with it being so quiet I was able view most Traders stands without any hassle what's so ever. And as you can see from the pictures I bought a few things myself.

My swag 

Display and Participation Games

I am also a member of this club and Andy and Steve put this game on Grimsby Wargames Society. 4 Days Battle 1666.

Company of Veterans. Berlin or Bust.

Steam Forged Games. TBC.

  Brompton Bankers.  Eagles Rampant ( Romans v British ).

Spartan Games.  Halo Fleet Battle ( Space Ships ).

 Spartan Games. Firestorm Planetfall. 10mm Sci-fi.

The Glory Boys.  The Battle of Rolica. ( 1808, 5mm Peninsular ).

 Sheffield and Rotherham Wargamers. Battle of Swinton. 28mm.

Saga.   Dark Age 28mm Skirmish.

Chesterfield Old Boys.   2nd Quatre Bras 28mm Napoleonic.

Triples Sheffield Wargames Show


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