1 Jan 2013

Wargaming Projects, 2012

Wargaming Projects, 2012

My priorities for 2012 are to build terrain and a wargaming table for the Operations Room which is at the bottom of our garden.

Wargaming Projects

Below is a list of projects at various stages of completion.

World War I
I have painted and based my World War I German and British armies however I am struggling to find a suitable set of rules so although I have a complete army they have never fought.

World War II
My World War II project will be an ongoing process and I would imagine will take many years to complete.
Late German Army 40% complete
Late Russian Army 10% complete

American Civil War
My American Civil War project has only just started, and at present I have no painted figures only a lead mountain.
Union 0% complete
Confederate 0% complete

Completed Terrain

Barb wire fences 100% complete
Cornfields 100% complete
Fences 70% complete
Hedges 100% complete
Hills would like a lot more
Mountains at present happy with what I've got
Ploughed fields 100% complete
Ponds and Swamps 100% complete
Rivers 100% complete
Roads 100% complete
Snake Fencing 100% complete
Trees and Woods 100% complete
Walls 60% complete

Pendraken Painting Competition

I have purchased quite a few buildings over the last year and 99% of them have been painted and based, I have even scratch built a few.

Construct A War games Table
Wargaming Table 100% complete I am extremely pleased out this project turned out considering my joinery skills are minimal however it would not have been possible without my other half.

Below is a list of other projects I would like to do some time in the future.

Anglo-Saxons and Normans
A very good friend Mike from the Grimsby Wargames Society gave me some 10mm Anglo-Saxons and Normans from Irregular Miniatures, which at some point I intend to get painted up and use the battle of Hastings.

Pony Wars

French Indian War

English Civil War

Seven Years War

American War Of Independence

Zulu Wars

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