1 Jan 2014

Wargaming Projects, 2013

Wargaming Projects, 2013

Wargaming Projects during 2013

Wargaming Projects

10mm Gallic War Project

10mm French Indian War (FIW) Project

10mm American War of Independence (AWI) Project

10mm American Civil War (ACW) Project

10mm Anglo Zulu War (AZW) Project

I have painted and based my World War I German and British armies however I am struggling to find a suitable set of rules so although I have a complete army they have never fought.

10mm World War I (WWI) Project

10mm World War II (WWII) Project

Completed Terrain

Pendraken Painting Competition

Previous Years

Below is a list of other projects I would like to do some time in the future.

Anglo-Saxons and Normans
A very good friend Mike from the Grimsby Wargames Society gave me some 10mm Anglo-Saxons and Normans from Irregular Miniatures, which at some point I intend to get painted up and use the battle of Hastings.

Texas War of Independence

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