The British Grenadiers

French and Indian War

The Louisbourg Grenadiers was a temporary unit of grenadiers formed by General James Wolfe in 1759 to serve with British Army forces in the Quebec during French and Indian War.

Grenadiers from the 22nd Regiment of Foot, 40th Regiment of Foot, and 45th Regiment of Foot were brought together by Wolfe at the Fortress of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia in preparation for action along the St. Lawrence River. The unit was involved in numerous battles during the months long prelude to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (The Battle of Quebec), 13 September 1759, including the ill-fated Battle of Beauport on 31 July 1759. After Quebec City's capture, the Grenadiers went on to be involved in the fall of Montreal the next year.

American War of Independence

 At the Battle of Bunker Hill James Abercrombie led the grenadier battalion in their charge of the redoubt on the Americans' left wing. During the assault Abercrombie sustained a gunshot wound, from an African soldier named Salem Poor and was carried from the field. He was treated at a hospital facility in Boston, where he succumbed to his wound a week later.

James Abercrombie




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