12 Feb 2015

The British Royal Artillery

French and Indian War

The Royal Artillery served in America during this war.

In January 1755, a detachment  (6 officers and 60 men), under command of captain-lieutenant Hind sailed from Great Britain with Braddock's force destined to the expedition against Fort Duquesne in North America.

On 8 July 1758,  4th and 17th coys of the Royal Artillery fought in the disastrous battle of Carillon. At daybreak on 9 July 1758, the British army re-embarked and retreated to the head of the lake where it reoccupied the camp it had left a few days before.

In 1759, a detachment of the Royal Artillery took part in the expedition against Québec who finally surrendered on 18 September. At the end of October, when vice-admiral Saunders left with his fleet for Great Britain, about 430 men of the Royal Artillery remained as garrison in Québec along with 10 infantry battalions.

French and Indian War British Artillery

American War of Independence

The Royal Artillery served throughout North America during American War of Independence. The headquarters was out of New York City with a secondary base in Canada.

 The 4th battalion along with minor elements of the 1st & 2nd.

Also seeing duty here was the Royal Irish Artillery which British artillery officers commanded.

American War of Independence
painting by Don Troiani


British Smooth Bore Artillery English



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