2 Feb 2015

Vapnartak York Wargames show 2015

Vapnartak York Wargames show 2015

On Sunday 1st February 2015 I attended York Wargames show Vapnartak (Thanks Andy H for the lift!).

I'm always impressed by the scale of this show. Split over 4 floors of the building with a sizable amount of space on each floor there was certainly a lot of ground to cover in the day. Most of the people I was expecting to see were there.

I managed to pick up a fair amount of goodies from the various traders, which of curse is one of the main reasons for attending these shows.

Battle Maps of the Civil War, by Richard O'Shea (Author)
Black Powder Supplement, Blood on the Nile

My Pendraken order was small this time.
2 x AWB Light infantry,  chain helmets, marching. 
1 x AWB Light infantry command. 
1 x AWB Grenadier command. 

also got Pony Wars From a very good Nigel G which I'd been after for ages.

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