1 Jan 2021

Wargaming Projects, 2020

Wargaming Projects, 2019

Wargaming Projects during 2020, I've actually been really good this year I've managed to stick with two projects this year. It's also been a year where I've decided to stick with core interests as I have so many projects I feel totally overwhelmed by it all. You can see bellow which projects have gone.

Wargaming Projects

The five projects below are my main interests at various stages of completion. further down are a list of distractions which keep me from completing my main interests.

Completed Scenery & Terrain

    Figures & Scenery Bought 

    Rules Bought

    Wargaming Books Bought

    Shows & Events

    Games Played

    Below is a list of other projects that have been abandoned or sold.

    • Texas War of Independence (TWI) Texian Army. 0% complete
    • Texas War of Independence (TWI) Mexican Army. 0% complete
    • Painting Texas War of Independence (TWI) Texians. 0% complete
    • Painting Texas War of Independence (TWI) Mexicans. 0% complete
    • Black Powder Rules.
    • Texas War of Independence (TWI) Battle Reports & Scenarios. 0% complete
    • My Texas War of Independence (TWI) Book Library. 0% complete
    • Useful Texas War of Independence (TWI)  Links. 0% complete

    10mm Sci-Fi Projects

    10mm Terra Nova Project Abandoned and sold

    10mm Zombie Projects Abandoned and sold

    10mm Aliens Project Abandoned and sold

    10mm Starship Troopers Project Abandoned and sold
    • Mobile Infantry Army. 0% complete
    • Arachnids Army.  0% complete
    • Skinnies Army.  0% complete
    • Starship Troopers Artwork.
    • Painting Mobile Infantry. 0% complete
    • Painting Arachnids.  0% complete
    • Painting Skinnies.   0% complete
    • Starship Troopers Rules.
    • Starship Troopers Battle Reports & Scenarios.
    • My Starship Troopers Book Library.
    • Useful Starship Troopers Links.

    10mm The War of the Worlds Project Abandoned and sold
    • Humans Army. 0% complete
    • Martians Army. 0% complete
    • The War of the World's Artwork.
    • Painting Humans. 0% complete
    • Painting Martians. 0% complete
    • Future War Commander Rules.
    • The War of the Worlds Battle Reports & Scenarios.
    • My The War of the Worlds Book Library.
    • Useful The War of the Worlds Links.

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