Wargaming Projects, 2017

Wargaming Projects, 2017

Wargaming Projects during 2017 I've done pretty much the same as I do every year  flit from one thing to another  and never really achieving anything

Wargaming Projects

Except for adding an article I've done absolutely nothing with this project this year

Gallic & Celtic Army 99% complete
Caesarian Roman Army. 0% complete
Imperial Roman Army. 99% complete
Painting Romans. 0% complete

I actually started off quite well with this project this year I managed to get quite a few bits finished however I still don't have two opposing armies to play with so strictly speaking another failure lol.

American Civil War (ACW) Confederate Army. 0% complete
American Civil War (ACW) Union Army. 10% complete

I've actually done quite a bit with this project during the year rebased the lot of old stuff Re-painted a lot of the buildings for the Stalingrad project which have been ongoing now for ages

World War II (WWII) British Army 40% complete Abandoned
Painting World War II (WWII) British 40% complete Abandoned

I've done an awful lot more terrain and scenery and I have mentioned below I'll try to keep better track of it next year

Completed Scenery & Terrain
  1. Dropzone Commander card buildings
I have bought a few supplements this year a couple for black powder I think and one rapid fire supplement and to be honest I don't know why I bought that set of Rules

Rules Bought
  1. CAV: Strike Operations Rules
As for books bought this year It's been rather mad I have spent loads but don't tell the wife as with other things I haven't logged them all

Wargaming Books Bought
  1. Stalingrad Battle Atlas: volume IV
  2. Death of the Leaping Horseman: The 24th Panzer Division in Stalingrad
  3. Angriff The German Attack on Stalingrad in Photos
  4. An Artilleryman In Stalingrad
  5. Bagration 1944
  6. Soviet Field Artillery in World War II
  7. Soviet Tanks in Combat, 1941-1945
  8. Eastern Front: Armour, Camouflage and Markings, 1941-45 
  9. Stalin's Heavy Tanks 1941-1945
  10. Warrior Chiefs of Southern Africa
  11. British Forces in Zululand 1879
  12. Zulu 1816–1906
I've only been to two shows this year so it's been rather quiet for me

Shows & Events
  1. Vapnartak, York, Wargames Show
As always it's been a fantastic year for playing games I will go through my calendar and add all the different games I've played

Games Played

Aliens Rules 1
Black Powder Rules 11
Blitzkrieg Commander Rules 2
Cold War Commander Rules 1
Dropzone Commander Rules 12
Future War Commander Rules 0
Hail Caesar Rules 3
Rapid Fire Rules 11
Zombie Rules 5

Completed Scenery & Terrain
  1. Barb wire fences 99% complete
  2. Making Buildings Never complete
  3. Cornfields 99% complete
  4. Diorama Bases
  5. Fences 70% complete 
  6. Hedges 99% complete
  7. Hills would like a lot more 
  8. Mountains at present happy with what I've got
  9. Ploughed fields 99% complete
  10. Ponds and Swamps 99% complete
  11. Rivers 99% complete
  12. Roads 99% complete
  13. Snake Fencing 99% complete
  14. Trees and Woods 80% complete 
  15. Walls 99% complete
  16. Mat-O-War Wargaming Mat
Unfortunately pendraken never did the usual painting competition this year however mad Lemmy (Will) Decided to step into the breach and run the painting competition,  however unfortunately time just ran away from me and I never managed to get my entries done. as always the painting standards were fantastic

Pendraken Painting Competition
  1. Pendraken Painting Competition 2016.
  2. Pendraken Painting Competition 2015.
  3. Pendraken Painting Competition 2014.
  4. Pendraken Painting Competition 2013.
  5. Pendraken Painting Competition 2012.
Previous Years
  1. Wargaming Projects, 2016.
  2. Wargaming Projects, 2015.
  3. Wargaming Projects, 2014.
  4. Wargaming Projects, 2013.
  5. Wargaming Projects, 2012.
Below is a list of other projects I do at various stages of completion, however I now class these as distractions.

10mm English Civil War (ECW) Project

French Indian War (FIW) British Army. 0% complete
French Indian War (FIW) French Army. 0% complete

American War of Independence (AWI) American Army. 0% complete
American War of Independence (AWI) French Army. 0% complete
American War of Independence (AWI) German Army. 0% complete
Painting American War of Independence (AWI) American. 0% complete
Painting American War of Independence (AWI) French. 0% complete
Painting American War of Independence (AWI) German. 0% complete

10mm Texas War of Independence (TWI) Project

Painting AZW British. 99% complete
Painting AZW Zulus. 99% complete 

10mm Wings of War Project

10mm Sci-Fi Projects

I spent quite a considerable bit of time this year with this project, I would say one or two things needs finishing and it should be finished, if anything is ever finished in this game

The Scourge Army. 0% complete
Painting The Scourge. 0% complete
Dropzone Commander Rules.
Dropzone Commander Battle Reports & Scenarios.

Earth Alliance Army. 0% complete
Nova Federation Army. 99% complete
Painting Earth Alliance. 0% complete
Future War Commander Rules.

This project was started as a very small distraction however it's actually turned into one of the highlights of the year a very good friend of mine Shaun has designed the set of Rules which we have thoroughly enjoyed playing 

Survivors. 99% complete
Zombies. 50% complete
Painting Survivors. 99% complete
Painting Zombies. 99% complete
Zombie Rules.

10mm Aliens Project 
Colonial Marines 0% complete
Aliens 0% complete
Painting Colonial Marines 0% complete
Painting Aliens 0% complete
Aliens Battle Reports & Scenarios
My Aliens Book Library
Useful Aliens Links

10mm Starship Troopers Project 
Mobile Infantry Army 0% complete
Arachnids Army  0% complete
Skinnies Army  0% complete
Starship Troopers Buildings 0% complete
Starship Troopers Artwork
Painting Mobile Infantry 0% complete
Painting Arachnids  0% complete
Painting Skinnies   0% complete
Starship Troopers Rules
Starship Troopers Battle Reports & Scenarios
My Starship Troopers Book Library
Useful Starship Troopers Links

10mm The War of the Worlds Project
Humans Arny 0% complete
Martians Army 0% complete
The War of the World's Buildings 0% complete
The War of the World's Artwork
Painting Humans 0% complete
Painting Martians 0% complete
Future War Commander Rules
The War of the Worlds Battle Reports & Scenarios
My The War of the Worlds Book Library
Useful The War of the Worlds Links


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