14 Sept 2012

100th Jäger Division

The 100th Jäger Division (100. leichte Infanterie-Division) was formed in December 1940. First identified in action during the summer of 1941 on the Southern Russian front. The 369th Reinforced Inf Regt (Croatian) was attached to it until late in 1942. The division was virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Generalleutnant Werner Sanne, from 10 October 1940 to 6 July 1942

Generalleutnant Werner Sanne
Werner Sanne

54 Jager Regiment
227 Jager Regiment
100 Reconnaissance Battalion
83 Artillery Regiment
100 Pionier Battalion
100 Anti-Tank Battalion
100 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 100
Home Station (Wkr. XVII)

On 10 October 1941, the 369th Croatian Reinforced Infantry Regiment linked up on the line of the Dnieper River with the 100th Light Infantry Division

23 August 1942






2 February 1943

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