14 Sept 2012

62nd Army, Soviet

Active 10 Jul 1942 to 16 Apr 1943

STAVKA Representatives

Army General G.K. Zhukov

Army General G.K. Zhukov
G.K. Zhukov

Colonel-General of Artillery N.N. Voronov

Colonel-General of Artillery N.N. Voronov
N.N. Voronov

Colonel-General A.M. Vasilevsky

Colonel-General A.M. Vasilevsky
A.M. Vasilevsky

Stalingrad Front

Colonel General Andrey Yeryomenko

Colonel General Andrey Yeryomenko
Andrey Yeryomenko

Political Officer Nikita Khrushchev

Political Officer Nikita Khrushchev
Nikita Khrushchev

The Stalingrad Front, under the command of Colonel General Andrey Yeryomenko, assisted by Political Officer Nikita Khrushchev, included the following units.


Lieutenant General Vasily Chuikov

Lieutenant General Vasily Chuikov
Vasily Chuikov

Army Troops

85th Guards Artillery Howitzer Regiment
508th Light Rocket Artillery Regiment
555th Light Rocket Artillery Regiment
614th Light Rocket Artillery Regiment
652th Light Artillery Regiment of the RGC
881st Light Artillery Regiment of RGC
1103rd Cannon Artillery regiment
1105th Cannon Artillery regiment
1158th Cannon Artillery regiment
1183th Light Artillery Regiment of the RGC
1185th Light Rocket Artillery Regiment
1186th Light Rocket Artillery Regiment
44th Pontoon-and-Bridge Battalion
Four Battalions of Armoured Trains (eight BPSOs)
Four Regiments of Cadets
115th Fortified Area

Guards Rifle Divisions

13th Guards Rifle Division, General Aleksander Ilyich Rodimtsev.
33rd Guards Rifle Division, Colonel Fedor Alexandrovich Afanasyev.
35th Guards Rifle Division,  General Vasily Andreevich Glazkov.
37th Guards Rifle Division, General Viktor Grigorivich Zholudev.
39th Guards Motorized Rifle Division, General Stepan Savelievich Guriev.

Rifle Divisions


Infantry Regiment
Infantry Regiment
Infantry Regiment
Artillery Regiment
Engineer Battalion
Anti-Tank Battalion
Anti-Aircraft Battalion
Reconnaissance Company


Rifle Division, Photos
Rifle Division, Doc

45th Rifle Division, Lieutenant-Colonel Vasili Pavlovich Sokolov
87th Rifle Division, Colonel Alexander Ignatievich Kazartsev
95th Rifle Division, Vasili Akimovich Gorishny

98th Rifle Division
112th Rifle Division, Lieutenant-Colonel Vasili Pavlovich Sokolov
131st Rifle Division
138th Rifle Division, Ivan Ivanovich Gorishny Lyudnikov
147th Rifle Division
181st Rifle Division
184th Rifle Division
192th Rifle  Division
193rd Rifle Division, General Fedor Nikandrovich Smekhotvorov
196th Rifle Division, Brigade Commissar Dmitry Vasilyevich Averin
229th Infantry Division
244th Rifle Division, Colonel Georgy Afanasievich Afanasyev
284th Rifle Division, Colonel Nikolai Filippovich Batyuk
308th Rifle Division, Colonel Leonty Nikolaevich Gurtiev
315th Rifle Division
399th Infantry Division
10th NKVD Division, Colonel A.A. Sarayev

Naval Infantry Brigades

92nd Naval Infantry Brigade, Colonel Tarasov (Abandoned Brigade
during heavy fighting in Stalingrad. Court-martialled and probably executed)
(later Major I.I. Samodai)

Special Brigades

42nd, Colonel M.S. Batrakov (wounded Sept. 23th 1942)
115th, Colonel K.M. Andryusenko
124th, Colonel Seymon F. Gorokov
149th, Lieutenant-Colonel V.A. Bolvinov (killed Nov. 2nd 1942) (later Major I.D. Durnev

Motorized Rifle Brigades

38th Motorized Rifle Brigade, Colonel Ivan D. Burmakov
10th Rifle Brigade
20th Fighter Brigade
38th Rifle Brigade
42nd Rifle Brigade
15th Rifle Brigade
124th separate rifle brigade
129th Rifle Brigade
149th separate rifle brigade

Tank Brigades

84th Tank Brigade, Colonel D.N. Bely
137th Tank Brigade
189th Tank Brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel K.S. Udovichenko

121st Tank Brigade
644th Separate Tank Battalion
645th separate tank battalion
648th separate tank battalion
649th Separate Tank Battalion
650th separate tank battalion
651st separate tank battalion
23rd Tank Corps


8th Air Army General Timofey Khryukin

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